Happy Clients




H1 was a definitive rule that made my vision tough. But I got help. It was overwhelming, how I and my wife got benefited through a single phone call. And now I have already cleared my loans and happily working  Mark my words, these guys are amazing. Having known a little early about this team was the only thought I had after getting in touch with them.



Studying in my dream university now. I always thought I should have considered these guys a year before. Initially when I have independently tried for getting a visa, it was such pain. I had to wait for days altogether for very small procedure. And the documentation part was so confusing. I tried to approach all my friends who have perceived masters, but it was all in the air. I badly wanted a physical guide for such process. An Australian friend of mine who has used the service already mentioned these guys, and I have approached them through mail. The very next day I was surprised to see the documentation clarified with checks and verification. I was not sure myself as these were moving very fast. And to my shock I have been granted visa for my masters in embedded systems in my dream university. Oh, thank god such a relief and I can never forget the help this team offered.



Happily settled with family in US. While I was busy exploring my talent, they helped me at the right time and boosted to stay back. Hope got me here. I was searching for a reliable service and noticed that one of my friends already mentioned about this team a year back. I have contacted them over mobile and got busy. One day I was reminded by them that deadline is soon, and the document has to submitted. Trust me, I had no time. But it all worked out magically. Thanks to Legitpro Arts Documents.



I am so happy to write a testimonial for these guys. In fact, it has been only few days since I have referred them for the fourth time to another friend of mine. Hope they used the service too. I have explored 21 countries in one year. I am a serial traveller and not one issue in visa formalities in the whole time. It was always a single click away to avail this service. At a point I amazed to see how they have taken over the ownership and handled a very delicate situation in my visa process. Got to say, Kudos!