Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All the information collected during the procedure will be maintained confidential. Reliable, trustworthy and gaining confidence from customers is our primary ethic. Once the documentation has started whole commitment will be given for effective service from our end. At the same time, we also request the customer to be cooperative and support through the whole procedure.

What do we require?

Below are the details we would require after the procedure has started.

• Non-personal identifiable information • Personal identifiable information

Personal identifiable information only includes the identity information, which is required for legal procedures. No other personal information is collected or used in any art of the procedure. Through the website or cookies no information is received and used for third party purposes. We might use google analytics for website approach analysis. This does not include your browsing preferences.

All the approach will be taken forward account to your preferences. Either through email or mobile. We will not use or forward your email and phone to any other third parties. All emails are deleted on a monthly basis as per our standard proceedings.


All personal information will be securely stored in our servers. Our servers are protected in a physical location accessible only to the company's employees. We maintain regular procedures to safeguard your information all the time. Our website uses SSL certificate, an encryption system that protects your information.


This privacy policy will be updated from time to time. Though the key elements remain the same, business related changes might be occurring often. We request you to spend some time in reading this policy while availing our service. You can contact us any time for ay policy related queries.


For questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

We are always happy to help you; feel free to give us call or email us.